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You have probably heard the saying that ‘there are only two certainties in life – death and taxes’. In betting circles there is a third certainty to be added to the two above. This third certainty in life that punters refer to is that ‘the bookies always win’.

Well at Bet Buddha, we know for a fact that two of these three ‘certainties’ in life are in fact nonsense.

You want to know why, right?

Well, here’s why. Whilst we cannot avoid death, the smart and rich do avoid paying the nominal tax rate (how many times have you read over the past 12 months of famous, wealthy Australians having used offshore tax havens and complex tax structures?) and the bookies don’t always have to win.
We at Bet Buddha are no tax accountants, but we do know how to profit from sports betting. And profit we do, with a return of 70% p.a from bets wagered. And what you are about to read is how we can help you to do the same.

Sick of throwing your money away to the bookies by placing dumb bets and chasing long-odd multi - bets to maximise your winnings? If you’re keen to make serious tax-free money from your sports betting, to the tune of Bet Buddha’s average annual return of 70% p.a, read on.

You see, the bookies play odds and probability. And the probability of your average bettor placing a dumb or uninformed bet is high. Very high, in fact. The vast majority of bettors are ‘squares’ or ‘punters’ who lose a lot more than they win. And bookmakers prey on these squares and use industry tools such as betting commissions, bet limits and point spreads to work the system in their favour.

At Bet Buddha, our team of professional sports analysts know how to win, and win consistently. Each of our sports analysts have over a decade of experience in their chosen sport having worked for private, professional betting syndicates. This wealth of knowledge and experience is why at Bet Buddha we Bet to Win. And this is what makes Bet Buddha so unique.

We even have the results to share with you to prove it.

From the moment you subscribe to Bet Buddha’s exclusive content, you will be equipped with the information you need to start turning the odds in your favour and making a tidy tax-free return on your money . We take the hard work out of sports betting by providing you with the necessary information to bet on the event, and all you have to do is place the bet. It’s that simple!

If you are serious about winning consistently from your sports betting, and adjusting the odds in your favour then subscribe to Bet Buddha today.


At Bet Buddha, we aim to provide you with great value bets, so that you can maximise your winnings. Typically, when you subscribe to Bet Buddha you will find that the majority of our bets are ‘at the line’.

A line bet (also referred to as a handicap bet) is the way the bookies look to split the money wagered on each side on any given event.

Eg: In the AFL, if Sydney are playing Melbourne and Sydney are favoured to win, the bookie will set a line to which the underdog is given a start, or the favourite is given a handicap. In this instance the bookie might set the line (handicap) at just over 4 goals, or 24.5 points. This will be displayed as Sydney (-24.5) v Melbourne (+24.5). For Sydney to win the bet, they must not only beat Melbourne, but beat them by 25 points or more (they must clear the handicap of 24.5 points). For Melbourne to win the bet, they must win or not lose by more than the start, 25 points.

By splitting the bets, with 50% of the money on an event being wagered on each team, the house (bookmaker) is guaranteed of making money.

When you bet at the line, the odds are generally set at around $1.90 for each side, on what is statistically a 50/50 bet. With the odds given by bookmakers less than an even-money bet, the house automatically makes 10% of the bet.

A common misconception of the betting public is that the bookies set the line as an indication of what the favoured team in an event will beat the underdog by. Wrong. The bookies job is to get an approximate 50/50 split of wagered money on both teams in any given event. By doing this successfully, they are guaranteed of making money.

And at Bet Buddha we don’t want the bookies making the money, we want you to!


Gamblers betting at the line (handicap) must win around 55% of their bets to make a profit. ‘Easy!’ you may say. We challenge you to try this for yourself and see how quickly you lose your money.

The average sports bettor (when betting at the line) wins at a rate of around 45%. That is less than half their bets! And the average sports bettor makes up a large percentage of the sports bets placed with Australian bookmakers.

To break even betting at the line, you need to be winning around 53% of the bets you place. To make a profit, this is more like 55% and to live the comfortable life of a professional gambler, this winning percentage lifts to between 58-60%.

Now there aren’t too many people in the world who can achieve this kind of record. And this is why Bet Buddha is so unique. Our team of professional sports analysts have a proven track record of not only reaching this mark, but exceeding it. We deliver a winning return on bets wagered, which is why we are the best in the business.

Our knowledge of the sports betting landscape is second to none, and for the first time in Australia, Bet Buddha are making this information available to you for just $50 a month, which is a little more than just $12.50 a week. We want you to experience what it is like betting with the Buddha, and Betting to Win.

The team at Bet Buddha are single-handedly changing the sports betting landscape, by placing our expert knowledge in your hands.

For around just $12.50 a week, you can have exclusive access to all Bet Buddha’s Prophecies, view our comprehensive pre & post match analysis, view the entire Buddha’s Princess's sporting wraps & gallery, benefit from Bet Buddha’s sponsor promotions and be notified and get access to Bet Buddha’s member events.
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